A Quote

A Poster Design

PROBLEM: Demonstrate control of color while conveying the mood of the quote, skillfully moving the viewer through the design.

aspen quote poster

SOLUTION: I chose an aspen tree background, because Robert Frost’s famous poem reads, “Two roads diverged into a yellow wood” -- so I wanted to try to give the viewer a frame of reference to the writer. I chose more graphic trees, rather than photographic, to allow for more attention to be drawn to the actual quote. I then emphasized the most important part of the quote in red. Finally, I increased visibility of the quote by giving the words a more solid background.


sketches of the poster first iteration of poster

I found it difficult to figure out how I wanted to present this quote. I thought about it being handwritten, pinned to a tree, or found on a table, like a note left by Frost to be found, passing on his words of wisdom. I also tried to strip away all extra design elements, going for a Swiss design look, like I typically do when I'm stumped by a project. That version wasn't sitting well with me, so I kept moving on. I quickly became attactched to the trees as the background and wanted to make them work. I finally decided the trees would be the focal point of the poster, and kept everything else very simple, as to not over design and create a cluttered look.