A Campaign to Revive IKEA

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Swipe. Match. IKEA.

IKEA knows buying furniture can be a big commitment. That’s why we bringing “dating” to the furniture buying experience. Build your profile with “Swipe IKEA” then swipe through recommendations based on your personal preferences. Explore each item’s profile to see if it would be a good fit. Then you can even try it out with the augmented reality capabilities to see what it would look like in your space. If you think it might be love, swipe right and “Swipe IKEA” will give you a percentage of just how great of a match it is. Then you can either “Hook Up” and purchase it for delivery or “Go on a Date” and find your nearest IKEA location to see it in person. Find the missing piece to your perfect home, without ever needing to leave your bed.

Swipe Right with IKEA.

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Create your profile to help us provide the perfect match; whether you’re in search of a certain piece, like a bed frame or a dresser, or want a particular color, we hear you and show you furniture that we think would fill your criteria.

Once you find something you like, you can view the furniture’s profile which provides how far away it is in the nearest IKEA store and if it’s in stock, its price, and its dimensions along with a cheeky bio and more pictures. Then you’re free to try out the augmented reality technology to see how it would fit in your space.

From the app, you can also read reviews left by others who have purchased it or chat with an IKEA representative if you have questions.

ikea ad mockup

This long copy ad is intended to complement our digital counterparts and be printed in magazines where people would look for inspiration and guidance when decorating their house, such as Better Homes and Gardens and HGTV Magazine.

ikea instagram ad mockup

We have brought the swipe to Instagram. This ad is to appear on Instagram feeds that encourage users to swipe through different options provided and then promotes them to download IKEA Swipe to see what their home could be.

This campaign stretches across multiple platforms yet maintains a consistent concept and identity system. It's meant to bring ease back into the IKEA furniture buying experience as well as connect with a younger generation by implementing swipe technology they are accustomed to. Introducing the augmented reality technology further sets IKEA apart from their competition.