A Product Packaging Redesign

PROBLEM: Genesee is known to be a cheap choice of beer. I designed it’s label give the it a more sophisticated look, making the consumer feel like they’re getting a steal: elegant beer at a cheap price.

blue can mockup blue can flat design red can mockup red can flat design

SOLUTION: I found the most sophisticated beer brand was simple, but not too basic, like Genesee’s previous branding. I used an abstracted, textured silhouette of New York as reference to the fact they are New York’s oldest brewery. The yellow was introduced, as well as the exposed aluminum bottom, to the original colors to add some visual interest, turning away from a monochromatic color scheme. The drawn circles around the “G” and the paint strokes elude to a heightened lifestyle since fine art is associated with the upper class. These design elements all contribute to a more designed can, associated with more expensive beers.


sketches of genesee rebrand

I started on paper, dumping all of my ideas of what I thought about Genesee and New York. I knew I wanted to change the logo, so I sketched a lot of different G's I could possibly use.

version 1 of the genesee rebrand version 2 of the genesee rebrand verstion 3 of the genesee rebrand

Next, I went to Adobe Illustrator to try to create the sketches I had made. I ended up changing the original G I thought I liked. I kept the ideas of wheat, the outline of New York, and the artistic touches in the paint and pen circles. The last version is not too far from my final; I only changed the background and added more color to provide more visual interest.