Elements of Design

A Visualization of Design Elements

PROBLEM: Demonstrate the understanding of three design components visually.

hierarchy poster balance poster continuance poster space poster

SOLUTION: I demonstrated principles of design in posters emphasizing that principle.

There is a clear hierarchy in “Hierarchy” starting with the word, large in red and italics. Moving down, “best” is next biggest, followed by “significance” with “most, least, and rest” separated from it all to hold its own meaning. The design is also shaped like an inverted triangle to move the viewer through the definition.

“Balance” is balanced with its definition across the red knot in the middle, representing how balance ties the whole design together.

“Continuance” is one long line, making partial outlines of basic shapes. Because of this principle, a viewer connects the lines in their mind to make out shapes, even if there are not actual lines.

“Space” demonstrates that empty space around an object, or in this case words, can bring attention to it and guide the viewer through a design.


first set of poster sketches second set of poster sketches third set of poster sketches

I started on paper, sketching out how I thought I could lay out the posters. I searched on Pinterest for inspiration of how to visually represent these design elements. I ultimately decided to make these posters cohesive, sticking to a color scheme of black, white and red, and Avenir as my font choice. These posters are visually striking and effectively and efficiently convey the selected design principles.