A Radio Ad

Barbasol Beard Buster for Men, a shaving cream targeted towards men, is looking to expand its market to include women after a long history of branding specifically towards men and emphasizing masculinity. Our goal is to introduce women to the shaving cream designed to moisturize the thickest of hair. Our target market is young to middle-aged females who are frugal shoppers and ready to break gender barriers and use the best value shaving cream on the market.

I decided to take advantage of the the No Shave November campaign that happens to take place in the middle of the college semester. This is the perfect time for college students to save time in their personal hygiene routine and stop shaving. Using #TheBarbasolBuffs, I encourage students to share hair growth progress photos, at the same time raising awareness for prostate cancer. At the end of the month, when the hair has fully grown in, Barbasol Beard Buster for Men is the only shaving cream they’ll want to assist them in saying goodbye to the to longer wanted hair.

barbasol logo


Setting: Busy cafeteria area of the University of Colorado - Boulder

Announcer: It is week 10 of the semester and things are not as fresh as they once were. Textbooks have been torn (page rip), pens have run out of ink (scribbling), and the spirit on campus is at an all time low (groan).

Allow me to let you in on a little time saving secret:

This Movember -- don’t shave.

Drop the shaving cream (can drop) and throw away that nasty razor (razor falling into a sink). Focus on what really matters, whether it's raising that participation grade in class or raising awareness for prostate cancer. Maybe discover if petting your leg hair has the same effects as a therapy dog (dog bark).

When you’re ready for a fresh start after No Shave November, Barbasol (shaking of can and squirt of shaving cream) will be the only product you’ll want by your side. It can moisturize the thickest of hair, no matter how long it has been.

But for now, take a load off, you deserve it, and Barasol will be waiting for you in December.

Join the Barbasol movement using #TheBarbasolBuffs.