photo of liz

I’ve lived in Colorado for the last seven years and it’s a pretty amazing place, if I do say so myself. I set up my homebase in Boulder while I finish my degree at the University of Colorado.

Between photography shoots and rebrand assignments, you can find me strung up between a couple of trees in my hammock on Flagstaff Mountain reading books. I also enjoy visiting new coffee shops, checking off my list of the ones within a 10 mile radius in the heart of Boulder, (until I run out, but that’s an issue for the future).

Throughout my experience applying for jobs, I’m consistently asked what makes me different from any other artist. I believe a big part of that is my blunt approach to life and dry sense of humor. My potent attitude holds me accountable for never settling for mediocrity and drives me to be ranked amongst the best in whatever I’m doing, whether it’s making lattes or designing posters.

I hope to continue to collaborate with other creatives and work on projects that make an impact on others.